Storms & Starfish arriving soon.... 

Next Friday, that is the 29th July 2016, the new LP will be released for download.
There will be a short supply of physical CDs for those of you who want them, and when I mean short supply, I mean 15 only.
But if popularity beckons I might then increase the amount available for those who really want a physical copy.

For those of you who are interested, I have included here the original version of one of the tracks, called Swansong, it is pure demo form, the full technicolor production can be heard on the forthcoming CD, but for those of you who are interested I thought it would be nice to hear, pre and post production.

One of the tracks as a ode to the sound of Tony Visconti and his production of the first side of David Bowie's Low LP, with the big snare drums and the Haas concert hall effect, that track is Inner Twin, others sound Northern Soul or Motown, whilst others have a slight Jazz feel, with saxophone. Two tracks are intentionally Massive in Bristolian way, in the band that became synonymous with Bristol, Massive Attack. and yes we have an Arabic track and a love song.

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